• 铜壁画可以在哪些地方装修?
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Copper mural, also known as copper relief (also known as beryllium copper or percussion copper), is the use of copper materials to expand the carving process, in traditional Chinese handicrafts is a flower. Among them, technology has existed for thousands of years. 

The shape of forged copper handicraft is mainly used for flat work. The film is placed flat or hung on some tableware for people to enjoy.


The operation of engraving process is to use special tools and specific technology to process the ever-changing embossed patterns on the metal plate according to the specific process flow after designing the equipment line or pattern. 

More than ten kinds of crafts are needed to complete the exquisite carving crafts.

 In addition, with the creation of skilled workers, personalized modern sculpture needs to be produced. Forging copper is a process different from casting copper. It's created on copper.



After heating with copper plate, the texture becomes soft and the hardness recovers after hammering. Repeat this process to produce art or other life. 

Industrial supplies. With the improvement of people's living standards and aesthetic taste, the traditional copper forging technology is more and more favored by designers and the public, especially in the field of handicraft. Fire, hammer and scorpion are three important elements in forging copper.